== Yes, we’re playing Jazz ==

The Down Town Dixie Society biography.  It all started at the University of Hospitality in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Founders of this special band were all students with a shared love for swinging music and entertainment. Besides studying, they loved partying around. And, they still do!

From 1992 onwards the band played with a great regularity at various kinds of parties and festivals. To ensure that all these performances were well organised, the band took on a manager: Frans Angenent. Throughout the years the band also gained international fame.

During the last of many years the band has done shows all over the Netherlands at practically every kind of festival imaginable: private parties, weddings, Jazz festivals, city promotions, fairs and company parties. Also abroad, far from home, the band did his Dutch performances: Germany, Belgium, France, USA, Italy, Bahrein, Dubai, Oman, Luxembourg, Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Maarten, Suriname. A flexible attitude and an absolutely focus on the audience, make it possible to perform for both small groups (with a minimum of 3,5 people) as well as for big crowds.

Although the majority of the founding members is still active in the band, the Down Town Dixie Society has been enforced by several other musicians.

The success formula: swinging music and entertainment on one stage

The Down Dixie Society is (totally) different from other traditional bands of the same genre, through its choice of repertoire: swinging music that’s easy to listen to and appealing to a large audience of young(er) and old(er) people. Moreover, the band is capable of turning every party into ‘a happening’. On request they also play the Blues and specific ‘party music’. “Is there a singer in the hall? Please, join us on stage”.

The way in which the band presents itself on stage is everything but traditional; it’s festive, enthusiastic, and entertaining. The Down Town Dixie Society enthuses the audience and brings the party to a climax.

Several shows in chronological order:

  1. 1990  Foundation
  2. 1991  Germany Tour
  3. 1992  Jazz Festival Annecy en Cannes
  4. 1993  Several cities in the south of France and the Jazz Festival Annecy
  5. 1994  Florida, World Championship Football with RoadAir Travel Int.
  6. 1995  Bahrein, Heineken Jazz Festival

        World Championship Skating Italy, with RoadAir Travel Int.

  1. 1996  Dubai and Bahrein, Heineken Jazz Festival
  2. 1997  Bahrein and Oman, Heineken Jazz Festival
  3. 1998  France World Championship Football, with RoadAir Travel Int.  
  4. 1999  Luxembourg, Jazz Festival
  5. 2000  European Championship Football, with RoadAir Travel Int.
  6. 2001 Sneekweek en Skutsje Sielen Friesland
  7. 2002 Bonaire, Aruba en Curacao, the Dutch Antilles
  8. 2003 Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire, the Dutch Antilles
  9. 2004 The Caribbean Tour 2004
  10. 2005 Aruba & Sint Maarten Tour
  11. 2006 Dutch Jazz Tour Lemmer
  12. 2007 Bonaire Live Jazz
  13. 2008 Curacao Live Jazz Avila Beach Hotel & Sopranos Bar
  14. 2009 Sint Maarten, Tour on the French and Dutch part of the Island
  15. 2010 Bonaire  events
  16. 2011 Curacao & Bonaire 
  17. 2012 Paramaribo Jazz Festival      
  18. 2013 Jazz Event Suriname & Marriott & Renaissance Aruba Jazz
  19. 2014 Aruba Jazz Festival & Suriname Jazz Tour
  20. 2015 Jazz & Dixie Tour Suriname & Dutch Embassy
  21. 2017 Jazz & Dixie Tour Thailand, Chiang rai, Chiang mai and Bangkok
  22. All big Jazz events in the Netherlands.

Line up:

Giuseppe Patacca     :          guitar
Gerald Dercks           :          trombone
Tonnie Rutten           :          trumpet
Ed Bergsma                :          drums
Raymond Rijnaarts :         drums
Hans Spuijbroek      :          washboard and vocals
Edward Verheijen    :          saxophone and vocals
George Heerkens     :          piano
Jose Croeze                :          bass
Charles van Goch    :         trumpet
Frans Angenent       :          manager
Pieter Buijs               :          assistant to the manager
Igor Verhoeven        :          film/foto/pr/media/online

 The podium cast varies, in agreement, from 8 to 11 people:

Minimal: Trumpet, trombone, saxophone, drums and piano
Maximal: Trumpet, trombone, saxophone, drums, washboard, piano, bas and guitar

Agency           :Frans Angenent`
Tel/Fax           : 0031 0251 200801
Mobile            : 0031 6 53405291
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